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The internet is becoming a bigger part of our lives every day. Our family is using it like never before. In this episode of the podcast, we meet with Tim Corey and talk about how we can protect our family and our selves from poor choices online. Where do we start with the conversation? What tools can help protect us and what are some guidelines we should have in place for ourselves and our families. Listen as Tim gives the rundown of everything he has learned in over 15 years of working with technology. (more…)

So it has been awhile. We’ve missed you. This summer and fall have been a little busier than we planned. On top of our personal stuff like family, work and precious sleep, we’ve had some changes to Young Leaders Podcast. It’s a lot of podcast technobabble. With our updates came some changes to how iTunes and others see our podcast. If you would take a moment to update your subscription we would appreciate it. And of course please rate and
review us. (more…)

Imagine yourself at the end of a crazy work week. You are sitting there with your to-do list, and there is a lot more “to do” then has been “to done”. It’s decision time. You just can’t get it all done. Something is going to have to drop. What is it? How do you choose?

We’ve all been there. In those moments we decide to drop the things our boss or family won’t notice. It is not that we’re comfortable with that. It’s just the truth. We drop whatever we feel like we can and move on. Then in two weeks, it happens again and maybe we make a different choice or just pray that no one noticed you dropped another spinning plate. (more…)

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