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If you lead volunteers of any kind, it is a universal truth that you are always in need of more volunteers. I have never met a leader who would say they have more than enough volunteers. Those open slots on your roster can become paralyzing. I’ve been there. It is easy to believe the lie that […]

via Quality Over Quantity — Brady Funkhouser

One thought on “Reblog – Quality Over Quantity

  1. Hey Karl and Brady. ( I don’t seem to find a contact email address)

    I really loved listening to the podcast episode with Brad Lomenick You have such a great show, and I am quite fond of tuning in!

    I am really keen on sharing my experience as a Pastor with you and your audience, and I was hoping that perhaps we could connect and possibly do an episode together?

    Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that the show is great and I am really looking forward to your next episode!


    Pastor Olu Brown
    Impact Church

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