YLP Episode 15 – Developing a Weekly Rhythm

Every week in ministry can present a new unique challenge. From weddings to funerals to counseling and beyond. Even though every workday may be different, what is required of us stays the same. Sunday’s messages, small groups, and meetings. So how do we create rhythms in a changing landscape? Join us as we talk about it during this episode.

Episode Recap:
1. Weekly rhythms are fluid.
2. Clarify your role.
3. Learn to say no.
4. List your non-negotiable recurring tasks with time in minutes.
5. Schedule the important.
6. Schedule buffer zones
7. Cluster recurring meetings.
8. Schedule Scheduling time.
9. Establish interruptible and uninterruptible time zones.
10. Start


Voices This Episode

Brady Funkhouser
I serve as the Next Steps Pastor at Parker Hill Church. Along with Next Steps, I also oversee guest services at my campus. In short, I am an equipping pastor and I love empowering the local church to be the local church like Ephesians 4:11-12 says to do. I write to document my journey of learning and leading.
Karl Peterson
I am the Family Ministries Director at the Wilkes Barre campus where I love partnering with families to live a great story. I spend my time leading and directing our kids and student teams as well as teaching at our student ministry. I love helping people develop their unique gifts to serve the local church.